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Jake FAQ

Do have any Jake Thackray Project CDs available to buy? If not, can you do a copy for me?

The quick answers are NO and NO.

The longer answers are:

(i) We sold out of the Project CD very quickly and we had an agreement with EMI that only 300 copies would be made and distributed.

(ii) The proceeds from sales of the Project CD were to be passed on to Jake and after his death were passed on to his widow. Although it would be very nice to be able to send off more cash, we are unable to duplicate further copies as this would be in breach of EMI's copyright and our agreement with them.

Where can I hear Jake's music?

The Project arranges (or is a source of information for) events at which you can hear a great deal of Jake's songs performed in a very professional way. So far this has been about every 6 months.

Many members perform his songs at such places as folk clubs - as a member you can ask if anyone is performing in your area or tell others about your forthcoming performances.

Where can I find Jake's lyrics or guitar tabs?

Both of these can be found by clicking Songs on the main menu. If the guitar tab is available it will have a download link at the end of the lyrics.

Are there any recordings of Jake available to buy?

There are quite a few compact discs currently available: "La-Di-Dah", "The Very Best of Jake Thackray", "Live Performance", "Jake in a Box", "Live at the Lobster Pot Volumes 1 & 2" and our own "Live in Germany".

The CDs are available from larger record shops and Jake's songs are also available on iTunes.

Alternatively you could order them online by clicking the links below. It won't cost any more than the quoted price to buy the discs but any purchases made through these links will make a small amount of money for the webmaster.

For Jake In A Box - use this

For Live Performance - use this

For Live in Germany - not currently available

For La-Di-Dah - Click here

For The Very Best of - Click here

I believe Jake is no longer with us - when did he die?

Unfortunately Jake died on Christmas Eve 2002 of natural causes. He had not performed in public for some time.

Site FAQ

I can't see a User Menu, Featured MP3 or Video clip. What's wrong?

This is a problem that a few people have encountered.  Please make sure that javascript and cookies are enabled in whatever browser you are using to view the site.

We recommend Firefox which can be downloaded free from

I've forgotten my password/username?

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Buy the DVD

jake bbc dvd

The DVD of the BBC series 'Jake Thackray and Songs' is now available to buy online via Amazon.

'Magnificent' (The Independent)

'Jake Thackray and Songs', broadcast in 1981, captures him at the height of his powers; it paints an intimate portrait of Jake as a live artist, playing to audiences in the small venues where he felt most comfortable.

This BBC-licensed DVD, professionally produced from the original BBC masters, features all of Jake's performances from the series: thirty of his greatest songs, along with his inimitable between-songs chat and storytelling.

Also included are previously unreleased performances by three outstanding guest artists: Ralph McTell, Alex Glasgow and Pete Scott.